In-Home Physio SA provides services to

Community service providers

Wenika is a senior, reliable physiotherapist who provides a locum service. She has experience providing day therapy services in clients’ homes and at one stage conducted more than 10 exercise and wellness classes a week in an aged-care facility.


Do you want to move with less effort and remain active and independent in your home? Or is your family worried about your health and mobility? Whether you live in your own home or in an aged-care facility, Wenika can come to you. Find out about fees here.

Medical professionals and care co-ordinators

Are you looking for physiotherapy services for patients or clients living in an aged-care facility? Perhaps they have just been discharged from hospital and need support. Wenika is committed to working collaboratively with you.

Services Offered

In-home rehabilitation

  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation after illness or injuries
  • Post-operative rehabilitation for replaced joints
  • Rehabilitation for Parkinson’s conditions
  • Neurological rehabilitation ( ie. after stroke or TIA)

In-home pain solutions

  • Assessment and management of musculoskeletal pain
  • Management of spinal pain from poor posture in Parkinson’s clients.

Wenika has advanced training in this area and she takes a particular interest in pain science and explaining pain. She completed her Master of Physiotherapy (musculoskeletal) at UniSA in 2009.

In-home fitness

  • Fitness and balance training
  • General strengthening to prevent further decline
  • “Big Moves” and exercise programs for Parkinson’s disease
  • Hydrotherapy